Freebee Project Terms & Conditions

  1. This program is only open for registered authorised dealer.
  2. Dealers who participant in this program are allowed to conduct freebies / promotion sales from the event date and shall NOT last longer than 24 hours. Violators will be removed from this program for good.
    所有参与此计划的商家被允许进行送礼 / 优惠销售. 此送礼 / 优惠销售不能超过24小时. 违规者将永远从该计划中删除。
  3. Related poster will be provided by Nutriscience Global. However, dealers are responsible in event promoting and audience invitation. The main event post shall be posted by dealers’ own social media platforms, eg: Facebook or Instagram and reshared by Nutriscience Global. Therefore, dealers who are interested in joining this program should have their own social media platform. Nutriscience Global will not be responsible to create social media post/ page/ platform for dealers.
    主办方将会提供相关海报. 然而,商家必须负责推广并邀请顾客参加. 主贴文须由商家发布在自己的社交媒体并由Nutriscience Global转发分享. 因此,有兴趣想加入此活动的商家必须要有自己的社交媒体平台,例如:Facebook或Instagram. Nutricscience Global将不负责创建商家的社交媒体帖子/专业/平台。
  4. Dealers are required to fill up the form provided and submit to agent one month before the nutrition talk’s date. Schedule will be arranged accordingly to the application list. Nutriscience Global reserve the right of session arrangement.
    店家必需在进行此网课的一个月前填上此表格和提交给中介。已提交的时间表将会被安排, 主办方保留时间安排的权力。
  5. All the free gifts and promotion bundle are fixed to be given by NutriScience Global Sdn Bhd. Dealers are welcome to provide additional freebies or promotion bundle. If dealers have preferred promotion bundle, please kindly discuss with organizer, please be noted that Nutriscience Global reserve the right in final decision.
    所有的免费礼物和优惠包是由NutriScience Global Sdn Bhd设定。商家也可自行添加礼包 / 优惠, 如有优惠配套建议, 可与主办方商议, 主办方将有最后的决定权。
  6. All advertising materials including social media caption, advertisement poster, visual material, platform product listing etc should not include reduced pricing and discount offer.
  7. Authorised dealers are required to choose the topics given by the host according to their store’s needs and customers’ trend as well as customers’ preference.
  8. If dealers intend to change the topics of health talk, they shall inform the person-in-charge two weeks before the actual date of the health talk. Otherwise, it will be considered as invalid.
  9. Each authorised dealer is only allowed to be involved in this program once or twice a year, with duration limit: An hour per session.
  10. Once the date is set, it is not allowed to change. If there is any urgent matter, you shall inform the person-in-charge immediately.
  11. If authorised dealer has any special request on the talk, you shall discuss with the person-in-charge.
  12. Nutriscience Global Freebee Project provides the service for the main purpose of providing customer engagement and education. Dealers are responsible in sales boosting in the end of the session which nutritionist host will not be involved.
  13. Successful submission of registration form, Nutriscience Global requires 1-3 working days to process it. Once confirmed, agents will inform authorised dealers the details, eg: topics, date, time and zoom link.
    交了注册表格后,本公司需要一到三的工作天来审核它。一旦确认后,中介会通知店家关于细节,例如: 主题、日期、时间和Zoom链接。