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Science Derived Nutrition – Safe, natural yet Delicious!

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Science Derived Nutrition – Safe, natural yet Delicious!

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Who We Are

Nutriscience is a name that can be trusted for your family’s health. We are backed by a team of health professionals including pharmacists, dietitians & nutritionists. We trust only in clinically researched ingredients. Hence, we pride ourselves in bringing you the finest clinically proven natural health supplements, functional foods & everyday beverages.

Our Vision

Nutriscience Global Sdn Bhd and the brands we carry to be the symbol of trust and quality globally.

Our Mission

We are committed to provide quality, well-researched health products at the same time educate the general population on the latest and most accurate information.

Our Brand

the healthier choice for the whole family

Dale & Cecil

First & only allergy-friendly plant milk (MIWAKO®️ Series) that is clinically proven to support child’s overall growth. Aside, MIWACARE series contains probiotics that boost your child’s health! 

Ash II

Ash II has grown and expanded through the years, from simple natural vitamins to probiotics and specific natural formulation for targeted health conditions.


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